Dear respected brother Moises & B12G family,

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray you all are doing wonderful; we in Nepal are also doing well by all of your prayers and God’s amazing grace. Though the situation in Nepal is again becoming worse day by day due to Covid. The numbers of people affected by Covid are increasing day by day and soon the government is going to announce a nationwide lockdown because of COVID which means it will be again creating difficulties and pains for the marginalized and underprivileged groups whom we are serving. My trip to the Himalayas was couldn’t take place due to a lack of provisions. I am still praying for the trip to the Himalayas and copies of scriptures needed to provide our Himalayan congregation

Yes I bought a motorbike a few days ago. I was praying for a bike; which is always needed and is a great asset in the ministry for a long time and thanks to you so much that I have got a bike now through your valuable help. I am able to go to many villages for gospel outreach easily now and also, I am now able to concentrate on more remote mountains and rural villages. I truly value your prayers and support. Your open heart and hands of prayer and support have caused us to shout THANKS, BE TO GOD!

Please continue to pray for churches in Nepal and do pray for the need of Scriptures and provisions for the trip to unreached mountains. Thanks


Together for His Kingdom,
Krishna raj Bhatta

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