Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

Solukhumbu Ministry Trip 1. Junbesi Grace Church

On Sunday November 13th we left Kathmandu with Pastor Chhiring Sherpa for a 15-day ministry trip to 5 churches in the beautiful and remote region of Solukhumbu. Solukhumbu is in the Everest region of Nepal. The fellowships are small, and the believers are in need of biblical training and encouragement. Our role in Nepal is to encourage, equip, and edify the Body of Christ. We conducted two-day basic discipleship classes. We covered topics such as Who is Jesus? Why Jesus? The Gospel, The Holy Spirit, Christian Living, Giving, and others. Peggy would minister in worship, and I taught along with Chhiring as my translator. We lived in the villages with the believers who showed us great hospitality.

The first church we went to is the Junbesi Grace Church. Over 30 believers crowed into a small, reconverted potato storage shed that serves as their church building. They were hungry for the Word of God and passionate in prayer and worship.

Solukhumbu Ministry Trip 2. Gunsa Grace Church

Our next church was the Solugunsa Grace fellowship. The first night that we ministered there were forty believers sitting on top of each other so they could participate in the discipleship training. One family of five children and their mother walked one and a half hours up a mountain after the class to their home. Three hours of walking to participate in Christian fellowship! They got up the next morning and did it all over again, with smiles!

We not only facilitated classes but visited believers in their homes as well for testimonies and prayer.

Solukhumbu Ministry Trip 3. Tapting Grace Church

Tapting Grace Church meets in a nice but very cold building. We had a window of time each day to meet while it was warm enough and before the people had to tend to their farm animals. The older man and woman in the picture were the first Christ followers in their village and endured much persecution. They have watched the church grow and now are preparing to have a church building built on their property with the help of a mission agency.

One man was baptized two weeks before we arrived in Tapting. He was not religious but heard that there is healing in the name of Jesus. So, he went around actually healing people in the name of Jesus. This caught his attention, he heard the gospel, and was baptized. Some of the believers only have the “inner Bible” in them as they can’t read.

Pikey Peak

We went to Pikey basecamp at an altitude of over 13000 feet. There is a family of Christ followers who lives in this remote area. They are the only Christians in the area. Pastors Chhiring Sherpa and Pastor Suvett encouraged spent time with the family encouraging them, and then we prayed together. We climbed Pikey Peak over 14000 feet and worshiped and prayed over the Solukhumbu region.

Solukhumbu Ministry Trip 4. Nele Grace Church

What was amazing about the Nele fellowship is that it is made up of mostly youth and children. They are so attentive, well behaved, and eager to learn scripture. They lead the worship and are not only the future of the church but the church now.

Solukhumbu Ministry Trip 5. Jogara Grace Church

We had to go a long distance down a steep incline on a “goat trail” to get to this small fellowship. We connected well as I would tell and act out stories in my very broken Nepali and Peggy hung out with the women. One brother Jacob, who was a porter on our Everest Basecamp trip is an elder at this fellowship, He was on an EBC trip when we arrived in his village. He traveled through the night to serve us a meal and come to the discipleship class. Then he insisted on carrying Peggy’s guitar back up the steep trail to the road. I think we both were frustrated that we didn’t speak each other’s language good enough to have a deep conversation, but the Holy Spirit did knit our hearts together.

The Sound of Worship

“Then I heard what seemed to be the voice of a great multitude, like the roar of many waters.” Rev 19:6

Some videos

Getting Around Solukhumbu

The tires were awful. The roads dangerous. The trails steep. We had to get out of the Tuk tuk and push it up the hills. It was awesome!

By God’s Grace and Your Support

By God’s grace and your support, we were able to encourage, equip, and edify five village churches in the remote region of Solukhumbu. We are grateful for Pastor Chhiring Sherpa who took care of us and guided us in the villages. We supported the entire trip through the giving that those of you who support us financially provide. Nepal is very poor, and our traveling partners and the discipleship training participants could not afford the meals at the churches and travel expenses. 100% of the trip was covered for them. The cost to provide the training was 1100 USD. We want those of you who are sponsoring us to know that the financial support you proved not only supports Peggy and me, but many others. Thanks for sowing Kingdom seed with us.

If you would like to start supporting our ministry financially, there is a giving link on this website. Our mission agency Be One Together does not have a set fee that they require from us. 100% of what you give goes to us and our ministry.

Thanks for helping to make this type of ministry possible. We are grateful!

Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

Some faces of the many children along our journey. Pray that they grow up in the Lord and can be an influence for good in Nepal.

The Von Raeders in Nepal

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