JJ and Tiana Summer Missionary 2021 Support Letter


JJ and Tiana
Summer Missionaries 2021


Our Passion

JJ – For a long time I’ve had a passion to follow Jesus and live out His example of relationship with God. Jesus was very intentional about his connection with the Father and inviting other people into it. Ever since attending Fir Point Bible Camp as a kid, through the life and invitation of other Christ followers, I’ve had a passion to know Jesus more and to invite others into becoming like Him, especially those who have deep questions, doubts, and obstacles in their relationship with God.

Tiana – I grew up learning the Bible and hearing about God my whole life. Although, when I was 15, I started attending a youth group that really challenged me and grew my beliefs. It was then that I recognized, for the first time, just how real God was in my life. Ever since then, I have had a passion for not only leading others to Christ but also teaching and growing them in their faith along the way, through relationship and challenge. I want everyone to have a chance to experience God.

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