Janzen Prayer Requests

Hey Friends,

Please join us in Prayer.

Two of the Ukrainian families (moms & kids), we helped settle here in Vila do Conde were notified a month or so ago that the place they were told they could live indefinitely, would no longer be available for them in the new year.

We at House Church have been looking for something that would accommodate them, but rental properties are scarce at the moment, and even more so when it comes to foreigners renting.

Long story short, we found a place, we were told it was taken, and then it opened up. We saw it, and it would be perfect for the moms and the kids. It’s right in town, near their jobs, near schools, and near the church family.

Also, praise God, a local business owner (and a friend) has found another local business that has commited to cover their water, electrical, and phone/internet/TV bills! So amazing!

We would appreciate your prayers regarding this… That the Lord would help secure a place for them, and that the transition would go smoothly for them, as they’ve already endured so much!

Thanks guys, ❤️ Kev&Ang


Update from the Janzen Family

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