I will make you fishers of men – By Moises Moura

Moises and Lucy Moura serve as Ministry Center Liaisons representing B12G in Texas, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, and Nepal.

“Jesus said, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

(Matthew 4:19)

As missionaries we engage in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to reach the lost souls. When  Jesus called the first disciples who were fishermen, he told them they would now fish people.

Let me tell you a contemporary story of fishing people in my ministry. I have the privilege to work with  a ministry reaching fishermen along the Amazon River of Brazil.

My first visit with the Amazon ministry I was asked to go fishing with a local fisherman in a small boat.  This was my first time to fish with a professional fisherman, but I was more interested in fishing that  man for Christ.

Mr. Valter (the fisherman’s name) took me to the deepest side of the river. He told me it was where we would catch the best fish. I was scared to death of being in the boat since I didn’t know how to  swim. When we got to the deepest river site, he told of some people dying on the same exact spot in  a boat accident. That almost spoiled my desire for fishing.

I took advantage of his story and inquired him if he died there, would he go to heaven. He replied he  would not and I knew then he was not a believer. This gave me the opportunity to share the gospel  with him and he accepted Jesus as his personal savior.

We did catch a couple of good fish but I caught the biggest one. I quoted Matthew 4:19 to him.

Today, Mr. Valter is a missionary fisherman fishing for people. Like him, there are many other  missionary fishermen sharing the gospel and planting churches in villages alongside the Amazon  River.

In January 2022 I will go back to teach and train several missionary fishermen who earnestly serve  the Lord without enough theological training.

Please, pray for the ministry of Be One Together as together we reach out to people around the world  like the fishermen and poor people living alongside the Amazon River.