Happy Birthday Abby’s Garden!!!

Happy Birthday Abby’s Garden!!!

We are so excited and grateful to celebrate one year of being open! We have experienced incredible growth this year and are so thankful that God has blessed us through our supporters. None of this would be possible without you!

A few weeks ago I shared that Divina had recently met a 15-year-old girl with a brand-new baby. Divina invited her and the baby’s father to the birthday celebration (pictured above; we used emojis for privacy). We will begin caring for her baby at Abby’s Garden in August.

This week another little girl joined us for her first day. Abby’s Garden is growing! We are hoping to be able to move up to the second level of the house sometime in the next year, which would enable us to double our space. The owner of the house has run out of money to complete the second level, but they have made us an offer: we can finish the work in exchange for one to two years’ rent (depending on the final cost). The main things that need to be completed are the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the balconies need to be enclosed for the safety of the children. We are planning to bring a small team of people who are donating their time and expertise to help with this! If you’d like to contribute to the cost of completing these projects, please click on the link below.

Update on my court hearing

So many of you were praying for my court hearing last month and I want to share that, although I was a bundle of nerves while waiting for my turn, as soon as it was time, I felt a calmness come over me and was able to communicate very clearly. Afterwards my lawyer told me that it went really well. Thank you so much for praying!

We have another court hearing this Thursday, May 4th. Thankfully I do not have to be present this time. In the last one, the motorcyclist who hit me told three lies, one of which was disproven. My lawyer is going to address another of the lies in this hearing. Please pray for favor with the judges.

Please praise God with us for one year of Abby’s Garden, and please be praying as we continue to make decisions about who else we can begin to care for. As well, pray for this young girl who is a new mama at just 15 years old, the team and the work that needs to be done on the upper level, and my court hearing. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayers!

With love,

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