Gospel of Grace Keeps Changing Hearts

Together for His Kingdom,
Krishna raj Bhatta


Although it is not easy to share Christ for our Church planters because situations are not favorable for the gospel and some people are very much against the word of God and Christianity. But by the grace and the love of God, He is using us for His glory to fulfill the great commission. God is using our pastors and church planters marvelously reaching forgotten and unreached places of remote mountains and rural villages. Many are believing in Christ and enjoying salvation, as a result people are baptizing in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. People who heard the Gospel and have been new believers in the Servant Heart churches around Western Nepal declared their faith through water baptism. We conducted the baptism ceremony in Nepal and people are getting new life through water baptism. 11 people in different places of Western Nepal were baptized in the name of our triune God. They are now growing in faith. Please pray for them so that the Holy Spirit may lead them to grow in Christ.

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