Ending the Year!


News from Bob Carvajal


We ended up the end of the year very active. In the beginning of November we had the Bobscars. This is an award program to recognize accomplishments of the students. The students dress up like it’s the real Oscars, we have a red carpet and each student can have their picture taken, and of course, I’m the master of ceremonies. The Bobscar awards are covenant and throughout the year the students try to accomplish things that will allow them to win a Bobscar. They get awards for each student that was new to the group this year, the student that has brought the most guests, the student that’s loyal to all the events, the class that had the best attendance, and the most outstanding student award. Each student that was baptized got a baptismal certificate. We also gave out some humorous awards. All the students had a great time and talked about it for weeks.

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