Ending Summer with Chaos


News from Bob Carvajal

We started off July with Funday Monday. Each Monday night we played a game. The first night was cabbage ball and we ended up using real cabbages at the end. The second night was volleyball. The third night was kickball and the last night was dodgeball. We had a lot of guest and everyone had lots of fun.

The middle of July was Super Summer. This is a week of leadership training for our students who have leadership potential. Ricky and I drove the kids up on Sunday the 11th to Jacksonville, Alabama to meet up with our Youth Minister, Nate, who was already there. It was great for our youth.

Our youth minister Nate, and his wife Sarah, are expecting a little girl named Ava on September 1. So on July 17 we had a baby shower for all the youth workers. The 1st already passed and we are still waiting.

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