Dynamics for Discipleship – Nuno and Gila Moleira

Nuno and Gila Moliera serve in Viana, Portugal

COVID forced church dynamics changes at different levels. A Casa met through Zoom for: Sunday gatherings, children’s ministry, mid- week prayer and other times for fellowship. As people worked from home, or were home because workplaces closed, they had to manage and choose how they would spend time. 

Gila and Vera, who walked closely in a discipleship relationship before, started video calling every day during the shutdown. They read the Word, prayed and encouraged each other. Vera, who came to Jesus in 2019, really grew in the knowledge of the Lord during this time. She chose to live wisely during this time, as Paul writes to the Ephesians, and though her life circumstances still are very challenging, she is a thankful woman, always encouraging and telling others around her the hope we have in Jesus! 

Looking back, we see she allowed the Holy Spirit to strengthen and prepare her to deeply impact others, especially women. The Lord is using Vera to bring other women to the Fathers’ arms and at our last women’s meeting she shared about our Loving and Holy God. The joy in our hearts to see a Portuguese woman making such an impact in Viana is beyond words. 

There are more stories which could be told as others make an impact in their spheres of influence here in the city, fueled by a deep love for Jesus. We thank the Lord for guiding us so clearly in spending time with each person He brings our way, building deep relationships rooted in Jesus’ love and we pray He grows every seed sown to multiply abundantly.