Change of Plans

Change of Plans

We are in the second week of our Nepali language course. We spend at least five hours per day in language study. This includes the three-hour class Monday through Friday, a forty-five minute walk each way to class, and half hour of homework each day. Our instructor Ruth is exceptional, and we really enjoy our classmate.

We were planning on only taking the Phase 1 class that lasts eight weeks. However, we are planning to take two more classes Phase 2 and Phase3. The Phase 2 course is ten weeks and Phase 3 is sixteen weeks. This means that we won’t be spending nearly as much time in the villages this year as we had planned. But we realize that to serve in the villages as well as the business that God is building, its essential that we take the time now to do the language and cultural study, as well as grow our business. This will benefit us and those we minister to, and with, in the long run.

Please continue to pray for us regarding this change of plans as this will require more funds and time in the city.

“The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Learning to Thrive

We were granted our business visas and are moving forward with our group training business opportunity, Learning to Thrive. This week we are working with a Nepali sister on translating a module we developed for training Law Enforcment personnel in resilience. Our plan is to present this module to a group of Nepali Police in the first quarter of this year.

We are continuing our work with ACE Overcomers and their resources. Our next course that we will be learning through ACE and then translating into Nepali is Building Healthy Life Skills.

We are amazed at the favor God is giving us.

We appreciate your continued prayers as we move forward with this endeavor.

Our Neighbor

In our neighborhood you can hear the sounds of monkeys, dogs barking, children playing, street vendors, and this little guy. This little Ringneck calls to us and our neighbor across the way for a handout. He’s a picky eater, but lots of fun to hang around with.

The Von Raeders in Nepal

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