California Here We Come!

California Here We Come!


This Thursday May 4, we plan to fly back to California. Grandson number 3 is due to arrive soon. Our daughter-in-law is having some complications with the pregnancy, and the family is moving, so we want to be available to help them. We plan to stay in the USA through August to visit family, friends, supporters, churches, and other ministry activities. This allows us to avoid much of the monsoon season in Nepal when it’s not feasible to travel to villages due to heavy rain, landslides, and washed-out roads. Our plan is to return to Nepal in the fall season and return to village ministry and our business.

Please pray for journey mercies and a blessed time back in the USA.


It Was Good to Get Out of Kathmandu!

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We had the opportunity to leave the air pollution and crowds in Kathmandu and take a weeklong trek to Langtang in the Himalayan rejoin. The village of Langtang was completely destroyed on the 2015 earthquake, and about 160 people died. The village is buried under a major landslide. Peggy had some stomach issues on the way up due to eating something that didn’t agree with her, but she carried on like the trooper she is. Tendi, Mingma and I continued up to over 15,000 feet to a beautiful vista of Langtang peak and range.

We are grateful for these perks that God gives us while serving in Nepal.

Learning to Thrive Workshop: ” I have come to set the captives free.”

We held a workshop for 35 women on emotional resilience. The topics covered were trauma, grief and loss, and suicide awareness. The women were primarily Hindu and received the group training very well. They were very engaged in the training. These topics are so needed in Nepal, and we find that we are on the cutting edge of bringing this material to those in need. Nepal has suffered ongoing natural disasters, war, pandemic, poverty, addictions, suicide, and broken families.

It is great to see how God is taking all of us, Peggy, pastor Narbu, and me out into the community. Narbu sees what we are doing as a way to build bridges between Christians and non – Christians. We plan to continue this training when we get back from our visit stateside.

The Von Raeders in Nepal

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