Bob Carvajal

Bob Carvajal – Louisiana

“I recently went through Hurricane Ida in August. It reminded me of my arrival in New Orleans 6 weeks before Hurricane Katrina. The eye of Ida was 16 miles west of me which put me in the eye wall, the strongest winds of the storm. We were without electricity for 3 weeks. Only gas stations with generators were open. God always gave me a way to get gas for my home generator. This is a very expensive way to have electricity and God touched the hearts of some generous individuals who covered my expenses.

Also, the hurricane caused a lot of wind damage. We helped the people in our church, especially the elderly, to cut up downed trees, gut houses, put blue tarps on roofs, and help repair damage. It was an excellent opportunity to share the love of Jesus to hurting individuals. Our church is still housing work teams who come in to help overwhelmed people. Please continue to pray for us in South Louisiana.”