Back to Nepal!

Hello friends,

Here are some updates and prayer requests, and praise God reports:

  • We purchased our tickets yesterday for our April trip back to Nepal. Our plan is to transfer our business to a younger missionary family who has been living in Nepal for several years. They are teachers looking for a long-term visa. So, our group training business will meet their need, as well as carry on the important ministry work that we started. We had no idea one year ago that when we were developing Learning to Thrive, that we were setting it up for another family to carry the torch. We are grateful and praise God. Please pray for our upcoming trip and the details on this end before we leave in April. We plan to be in Nepal for one month. After our business transfer work is completed, we plan to visit believers, villages, and youth group homes. Please pray for the business transfer to go well.
  • New Life Christian Fellowship is moving forward in the restructure phase. We spent three months healing. Now we are in 40 days of prayer and fasting to reflect, repent, and restore. Please pray for New Life as we press in to discover God’s heart for this next season of ministry to Mariposa and beyond.
  • This month on February 25 New Life celebrates its 30th anniversary. We are looking forward to our founding pastor Bruce Steffensen and his wife Debi to join us. God has been so faithful to New Life, and we are grateful for His hand in our restoration.
  • Peggy and I are in a season of once again laying it all before the Lord again for His purposes in our lives. Please pray for us as we pursue His will for us.
  • We have been blessed by so many to allow us to stay in their homes. We have been living somewhat out of our suitcases. We are praying for a more permanent place to live for our homebase. We appreciate your prayers.

Thank you so much for joining with us in our journey. To Christ be the glory!


The Von Raeders in Nepal

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