ATUALIDADES* from the Fosters: Preparing for the 2020 Planting Season

Dear Friends & Family,

Last December, I wrote: “2019 will provide new opportunities for cultivating, sowing, watering and harvesting.” Now, we are at the end of the year and can affirm that 2019 did just that! Throughout the year we have tried to keep you informed and in a position to pray for these new opportunities. Not only were new opportunities seized during 2019, the foundations were set for 2020 to be even more fruitful!! So again this December, we are leaning forward into the new year with expectation, vision and perseverance to see God’s people equipped to explain the Gospel and to train others to explain it, too, resulting in spiritual multiplication. Your involvement…investment in helping us to be prepared to sow in the new planting season remains essential!!

The number of training events in 2019 increased from 46 to 53 with the number of people trained in those events growing to 2,169. One of our missionaries taught five training events in November alone! This is encouraging, and we believe that the Lord wants each of our missionaries to have months like this in 2020. I shared with our National Council a projection of 76 workshops and clinics next year. It is a challenging projection and then some!! Please pray with us that EE-Brazil can meet the challenge. Here is a photo from a recent Workshop:

Workshop Maric√° 11-2019.jpeg

2020 year-end giving:

  • Our online system indicates that $6,965 has been received thus far this month. We want to say, “Thank You” to everyone who has already given! We are essentially 70% of the way to the goal of $10,000 that we communicated to you earlier this month ($8,000 family support + $2,000 ministry expenses). Our December goal includes funds for our family support in the first quarter of the new year when giving will slow somewhat. In order to see the goal met, we are praying that several others will be giving in these two remaining days before year’s end on Tuesday evening.
  • Remember: we will receive 100% of what you give, as no administrative fees are assessed by Be One Together.
  • Donate online up until 11:59 PM (EST), Tuesday, December 31st, by clicking on the Online Giving image below. Website donations that are received at midnight (EST) and after must, by determination of the IRS, be counted in 2020.
  • Check donations mailed to Be One Together at the address below must be postmarked on or before 12/31/19, also by determination of the IRS, to be counted in 2019 giving. The date of the postmark, not a check written/dated in 2019, is what is used to determine a 2019 tax deductible gift.
  • Secure online giving, using the image/link below, is available to help you more easily meet the deadline by using a credit card. But, if you act today or tomorrow, there is ample time to mail a check with a 2019 postmark.


Thank you so much for your faithful support of our family and Evangelism Explosion Brazil during 2019!

Gratefully wishing you a Happy New Year!
Robert & Mary Jo Foster,
Serving Evangelism Explosion-Brazil

* Atualidadesis a Portuguese word that means news or up to date information. We want you to have the latest information in order to support us in prayer, as well as financially when the Lord leads/enables. Thank you!

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