ATUALIDADES* from the Fosters: Opportunity & Giving Tuesday

Family and Friends,

While in São Paulo, I noticed again what has become a trend in recent years, i.e., the internationalization of the distinctly US holiday we call Thanksgiving. I see it being referred to in Brazil and other parts of Latin America, where there were no pilgrims and Indians who came together to share/celebrate a harvest meal in the year 1621. It seems to me that Latin Christians are the ones who have picked-up on our tradition and decided it is a good idea to have a day dedicated to thanking our Lord for his bountiful provision!

At EE-Brazil, our vision is to train and equip church members across Brazil to confidently explain the Gospel to family members, friends, and others they come into contact with in their communities, on their jobs and in their schools. Sounds great and really IS a vision 100% in line with God’s Word! But, it is not always an “easy sell,” as many good opportunities, in the form of projects and ministries, compete for the time and attention of pastors and church leaders. Therefore, we are grateful for recent advances in further penetrating existing fields like Rio de Janeiro and entering into new ones like Rondônia in the vast territory known as Brazil!

Yesterday our associate pastor, Dr. Anthony George, spoke on, “Prepared for Opportunity.” He used the text on the passing of the torch (or mantle, to be more specific) from Elijah to Elisha. He ended with seven “Elisha Laws of Preparation,” which seem particularly relevant and challenging to missionaries and people like you who hold the ropes, allowing them to serve, doing what God has called and uniquely equipped them to do:

  1. To enjoy what others cannot, we must endure what others will not.
  2. To see what others do not, we must focus on what others will not.
  3. To receive what others cannot, we must invest what others will not.
  4. To have favor that others do not, we must be yielded as others are not.
  5. To lead as others cannot, we must follow like many will not.
  6. To be strengthened as others are not, we must admit our weaknesses as others do not.
  7. To have what others do not, we must ask for what others will not.

Hearing…being challenged by those seven statements was the culmination of a blessed Thanksgiving weekend! Last Thursday was wonderful with family around the house all day. Brian and I again deep-fried a turkey in the afternoon, a Thanksgiving tradition now of a few years, which will be around for many more! This year we have been especially thankful for those who support our family and ministry, friends and family members who personify the seven Laws listed above! May the Lord richly bless your faithfulness in investing in spiritual multiplication through evangelism training!

December 3 is Giving Tuesday! If this is a day in which you think about charitable giving for tax reasons, or just sense the Lord telling you to support our family and ministry, you may take advantage of the opportunity by clicking on #GivingTuesday, now or at any time you wish to be taken to a secure website and giving portal. Thank you so much!!


Grateful for your heart to give,
Robert & Mary Jo Foster
Serving Evangelism Explosion-Brazil

Atualidadesis a Portuguese word that means news or up to date information. We want you to have the latest information in order to support us in prayer, as well as financially when the Lord leads/enables. Thank you!

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