ATUALIDADES* from the Fosters: Merry Christmas!


Dear Friends & Family,


Last year about this time, I wrote: “2019 has been an exciting year for our family/ministry, and the Lord has taught us many things, proving over and over again his love and faithfulness!” The word “exciting” just doesn’t seem appropriate to describe 2020!* Nevertheless, we can still say “the Lord has taught us many things, proving…his love and faithfulness.” Like you, we are especially delighted to now focus on family and the birth of our Savior. We pray that you, too, will have a very Blessed Christmas!!

*2020 is quickly coming to an end. The pandemic caused things that we still don’t understand; we faced challenges, a few of which we have not yet overcome; we made unprecedented adaptations, opening doors for EE-Brazil that we never imagined; and certainly there were victories that we haven’t yet recognized!

  • As we prepared this letter, an online workshop/clinic just ended and another began in Rio de Janeiro. We can’t remember a December with two clinics, which are multi-day events. Praise the Lord! Our on-the-job-training is still going on, now via video calls to people needing to hear a Gospel explanation. These adaptations have been via Zoom (teaching) and WhatsApp (training “visits”). People are praying to receive Christ on the calls!
  • Our system for churches to manage their outreach ministries was launched. It is helping churches keep up with those being trained, as well as those being visited, reached with the Gospel and discipled. The system will facilitate imminent shifts to digital materials and more online training.
  • Typically, in this year-end letter, we would be reporting about how many training clinics/workshops have been held and how many people were trained. Due to the pandemic, we sorely missed our projections, eventually pivoting later in the year to online training. Yet, we know the Lord was gracious to us as we felt our way through the many adaptations that we needed to make without compromising our vision and mission statements!
  • So, we finish 2020 encouraged for all that has been done this year through our missionary team, facilitated by our support team who make advances possible through their prayers and finances! All glory goes to God, our provider! The future continues to be as bright as the promises of God!

Please join with others who invest in our family/ministry each December in preparation for the coming year’s opportunities. While 2020 was not our best year ever, it HAS prepared us for 2021! Since more than 20% of our annual support is always given at years’ end, again this December we are praying for $10,000 in support gifts to finish 2020 and begin 2021, which would include $8,000 for family support, $2,000 for ministry expenses. Everyone participating in some way, with the Lord multiplying the results, will provide what is needed for our family and ministry! Please go to our secure online giving portal by clicking here . You may also mail a check to the address shown next to the image below. And please note that the 2020 CARES Act provides Charitable Giving Tax Incentives, i.e., reduced taxable income.(See details of these incentives at YOU so much for your love, prayers and financial support!

The Gospel still works! EE training still works! Your gift will mean MULTIPLICATION in 2021! (cf. Mt. 24.14)

Gratefully…joyfully wishing you a Blessed Christmas!
Robert & Mary Jo Foster,
Serving Evangelism Explosion-Brazil

* Atualidadesis a Portuguese word that means news or up to date information. We want you to have the latest information in order to support us in prayer, as well as financially when the Lord leads/enables. Thank you!

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