ATUALIDADES* from the Fosters: It would be easier to…

Family and Friends,

I read something in Portuguese recently that stopped me in my tracks, and I began to think about it in very personal terms! Maybe it has been around even in English, but I saw it for the very first time. It was a series of statements that begin with: It would be easier to…

  • …have a less hectic routine. (I thought of trying to keep up with the challenges of having one foot in the US and the other in Brazil.)
  • ...have set hours to work and others to relax.
  • …to take time off and not feel guilty or be unable to disengage from the demands the first few days, only to realize the time off was half over.
  • …to not have to raise financial support for family & ministry, which sometimes feels like a second full-time job.
  • …to not have to write newsletters when other work is piled up around you. (I made that one up on my own! 😎)
  • …to just think about me and have as a reference for my life someone who had not emptied themselves of their glory and died on a cross for my sins.
  • …etc. etc. There are too many to continue here…another day.

I am sure that most can relate to these thoughts, which aren’t shared as a result of a “pity party.” I was encouraged! How would your list be similar/different? The article ends this way, and I agree: IT WOULD BE EASIER TO, but that is only a “WOULD BE,” because I am not letting go of God’s calling on my life!

Case in point: To not have the privilege of sharing the following testimony with you would be tragic…

Pastor Rodrigo was certified in an EE training clinic one month ago. He wrote two weeks ago: Beloved, good afternoon! I want to share what God has been doing this weekend: With the EE tool, I had the opportunity to explain the gospel to 5 people who accepted Christ yesterday and today…. I am so happy and already looking for the opportunity to use what I learned in the clinic to teach EE to church members and the other pastors. Many thanks to the EE team! You are a blessing!! Glory to God for the lives that surrendered to Christ! Now comes the follow up.

I Corinthians 9:16 (NCV) says: “Telling the Good News does not give me any reason for bragging. Telling the Good News is my duty—something I must do. And how terrible it will be for me if I do not tell the Good News.” Evangelism Explosion gives people both the tool and the training they need to be able “to tell the Good News” and to train others, too.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and I will be returning home from São Paulo on or around the 23rd to be with family. Again this year, we will be especially thankful for those who support our family and ministry! We understand that it would be easier to leave that to someone else. Your faithfulness and diligence are appreciated!! May the Lord richly bless you for trusting him to provide, in order to invest in spiritual multiplication through evangelism training! Some have given special gifts in recent months and a “Thank You” note should have been sent by now. Travel to Albania, Pennsylvania and now to Brazil, all of which have been ministry related, have put me behind in this area, and this apology seems more like an excuse. We are nevertheless filled with sincerest gratitude for your support!!

Giving Tuesday is coming up on December 3. If this is a day in which you think about charitable giving for tax reasons, or otherwise, you may click on the Online Giving link on that Tuesday or any other day of your choosing to be taken to a secure website and giving portal. Thank you for your generosity!!


So very grateful for God’s provision & your partnership,
Robert & Mary Jo Foster
Serving Evangelism Explosion-Brazil

Atualidadesis a Portuguese word that means news or up to date information. We want you to have the latest information in order to support us in prayer, as well as financially when the Lord leads/enables. Thank you!

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