Adams Spring Newsletter 2020

In Christ’s Love,
Don and Carol Adams



Life on pause — It’s different but interesting in many ways. However, God’s hands are never tied. Like most of you, we have been confined to our home for the most part. We have used a lot of the extra time to put in a big garden with raised beds! Should be the best garden ever!

There are limitations for sure, but not dead ends. For example, when Easter approached it seemed a shame to not have “church”. We got an idea from another one of God’s servants and decided to reach out to our neighbors nearby with an outdoor Easter service along the road. We approached a nearby neighbor who let us use her yard which sits on a little hill above the road. She was thrilled and helped get the word out for Easter Sunday. We also hung plastic bags on the outside of our neighbors’ mailboxes including a Daily Bread Easter devotional booklet along with an invitation to the service and copies of some hymns to sing. The weather was threatening rain so it was a short service and folks stayed in their vehicles, but songs were sung, Scripture was read, and Don shared the Gospel with everyone who attended. This would never have happened without the virus shutting everything down. We pray for hearts to be touched and salvation to occur as the seed of God’s Word was sown.

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