Adams December 2021

In Christ’s Love,
Don and Carol Adams


Dear Family and Friends,

In the midst of a world of darkness and chaos, we rejoice in the hope of the Christmas story. The Gospel remains the same through it all. The same message of salvation awaits all who will believe and receive Jesus Christ, and a dark world cannot extinguish it!

RidgeCrest Bible Church continues to be a wonderful source of encouragement to us as well as being an outreach to others. One way is a ministry to folks we call “shut-ins”. These are elderly in our community who have a need for food and other things. As a church, we gather food to share with these dear folks and deliver it to their homes. Through tracts and other printed materials, we share the Gospel and share the love of Christ. Our hearts are always warmed as we do this! Christmas gives us another opportunity as a church to share Christ’s love and salvation.

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