A Note from Robert and Mary Jo

Since joining Be One Together (B1.2G) in 2014, via an almost seamless transition from our previous mission, we have been blessed many times over by the monthly services provided by B1.2G’s support staff. This has allowed us to focus our efforts on an evangelism training ministry in Brazil.

Evangelism Explosion Brazil’s focus is on training increasing numbers of church leaders and members to explain the Gospel. The heart of our training is not the teaching that happens in a classroom but in the ministry of a 3-person evangelism team made up of one trainer and two trainees. These teams visit church visitors and others referred to them by family, friends and church members. “Wait,” you say, “this is 2022 and you can’t do that anymore!”

People everywhere are still open to a non-threatening conversation about their interests, family, etc., which can then transition naturally to spiritual matters, if one has been equipped to know how to do this. To hear about home visits by EE teams, or perhaps video conference calls, in which whole families have received the gift of eternal life and later followed the Lord in baptism is encouraging! Watching a young couple accept Jesus Christ and knowing that their home will be forever changed is enough to encourage us to keep training others and looking for opportunities to explain the Gospel to people who are searching for truth. 

As a pastor once commented: Just seeing the spiritual growth in our church members as they learn how to explain the Gospel and begin to witness is enough reason to continue EE training in our church, even if we don’t see another person come to Christ as a result of the training! Of course, the Gospel doesn’t return void, and many will come to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, causing spiritual multiplication to happen on several levels: new witnesses, new believers, new opportunities for discipleship, additional church members needing to be equipped to explain the Gospel to others, etc.

This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” (Ps. 118:23)

–Robert & Mary Jo Foster


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