A Note from Julia

1 Samuel 3:4-19 talks about the priest Eli & the boy Samuel.

Samuel had the call of God, not even knowing what it was when God called him about 3 times before Eli told him what the voice was & how he should respond when the Lord called him again.

Be One Together impacted my life & ministry by enabling me to understand what God was asking me to do & how I should go about it. In 2018, I had a passion for taking care of children & I didn’t even realize what was driving me. I ran my mini restaurant to meet the needs of those less privileged & orphaned children. I thought & felt it was a love I had for children. I wanted to protect them from the challenges I went through having no one to love & care for me while recognizing the difficulties I went through growing up as an orphan. It grieved my heart to see children in my community not going to school without clothes, shoes, food, & a place to sleep.

To help those children was a God-given vision defining my life purpose & ministry. I am thankful to Dad Jim, who linked me up with B1-2G to understand what God called me to do as Eli helped Samuel.

Julia Weaver

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