A Note from Gerry

Gerry Tyas writes, “I am thankful to Be One Together for allowing me to use my giftings and be in ministry the way God has led me. When I started my day, I prayed for an opportunity to visit a new home. I knocked at the door of a lady who indicated she would love for me to come and visit. I waited. The door quickly opened. She looked pleased I had come.

I baked some cookies and brought them as a gift to her. I wanted to get to know her better. We chatted and enjoyed a simple craft. Knowing she was indigenous from Mexico, I showed her an app I had on my cell phone. I told her this app was an oral resource for translated indigenous languages worldwide, and they probably had hers. She picked out her indigenous language, and we found “The Jesus Movie.” I brought it up on her phone and clicked “play.” Her eyes softened as she listened in her mother tongue. She became excited and said her family and friends in Mexico would love to watch this. She found a button on her cell phone to “share.” She shared it with her family and friends with one push. It was my turn to be blown away.”








Senaida, Anna, and Gerry

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