So, I was talking with a fellow teacher at my ESL class last night. He’s a newly retired lawyer and just moved here from California. He asked me why I was doing this, and so I told him. I told him about my family and our desire share the love of Jesus with others, then I told him about God calling our family to move to New York as full time missionaries, fully trusting in God to completely supply our funding and expenses, and this is literally the face I got, 😳. And then after a pause of what felt like forever, he said, “well good luck with that!”😂

This was really my first experience with sharing our story with a complete stranger. And while, I could walk away from it heart broken hearted and discouraged, I chose first to find it hilarious and then to take it as quite the opposite and be encouraged by it. While I was talking to him, it felt awkward, as if I were listening to myself talk, and it completely sounded crazy and made no sense at all. So I can understand his response, I mean moving 7 kids up to New York City just because God told you to, and having to fully rely on the support of others for it to come through, sounds completely crazy and impossible!! And the fact that he couldn’t hide his emotions about it was hilarious.

And yes, I can be so encouraged by it!! First, I had the opportunity to share with a stranger how God was working in and changing my life, and my family’s life! Praying this at least planted a seed of faith in his heart! And second, if what we are doing doesn’t make sense in man’s eyes or to the world, then we are embarking on a God-sized adventure!! One that cannot be done in our own power or wisdom. One that if God doesn’t show up, then we are completely without hope and might as well give up. And one that is going to put our amazing, good, and powerful God on display. We GET to follow in the footsteps of the heroes of faith in the Bible and so many others we’ve had in our lives. We GET to participate in the kingdom work of our Father and further His gospel to those who need to hear it. We GET to have our faith stretched and our relationships with Jesus made even stronger because of the amazing things He’s about to show us and do in us and through us having to fully trust in Him to accomplish it. We GET to share Jesus with and love on different people groups desperately searching for love, compassion, and welcome. And if it doesn’t sound or look crazy to the world, then something is wrong!! Whew!! I’m fired up y’all and so stinkin’ excited to get started!!❤️😍🙏🏼




Justin and Kendal Adamson
Georgia (for now)
Bound for New York

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