I want to share a cool story to encourage you to share the gospel as you go through your week…

I was at Dunkin’ Donuts studying for the message this week. I overheard the girls who worked there talking about the Bible and different religions. Just FYI, whenever you are made aware of a spiritual conversation going on around you, that is the Holy Spirit at work, and He is inviting you to join Him. 🙂

As soon as the customers cleared out, I went up to the counter and introduced myself. I told them I was a pastor who came there to study every Wednesday and that if they ever had any questions about Jesus, the Bible, God, or anything like that, I would be happy to help. They seemed very glad at the offer and we talked for a few more minutes about a world religions class one of the girls was taking in school. I gave them a White Stone Fellowship invite card with my email written on the back and told them to feel free to email me with any questions they had.

I went back to my studies and a little while later, one of the girls called to me, “Hey, I’ve got a question!” I got up and went to the counter. “What happens if you are a Christian and you sin, but you don’t ask God to forgive you of that sin before you die? Do you go to Hell?” I got the golden opportunity to explain to her what the Bible says about Christ’s atonement for ALL of our sins and that we are declared righteous in Christ when we put our faith in Him. Basically, I got to preach the gospel to all the listening customers at DD!

When I went back to sit down, an elderly woman in a booth stopped me and said, “You did a great job explaining that. At first, when I heard the question, I was afraid of what you might answer because I didn’t know you were a believer. But when I heard you I thought, ‘God bless him!’ ”

Church family, God is at work all around us all the time. Isn’t it amazing that He chooses to use us in His work? You never know when the Holy Spirit will present you with an opportunity to share the gospel!

“Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season…” 2 Timothy 4:2



Jerry & Cheryl Davison, GA




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