Ooops! Did you forget a gift?

giftWe passed the year end large gift giving season. We found ways to give gifts to our friends, our family, and even sometimes we gave to others in need. Our culture is all about giving the gifts whether it be for Hanukah, Christmas celebrations, parties, and the Day of Epiphany (celebrating when the Kings brought gifts to the child Jesus.)

We got all caught up in the whirlwind and expectations. Many of us have already started planning for next year. So here is my question … Did you forget a gift?

As the Day of Epiphany approached I thought about the many cultures who celebrate this day and give gifts to their loved ones on that day. Some place their shoes under the Christmas tree in hopes the Kings will leave gifts in their shoes. Others place their shoes outside the door for the passing of the Kings. All of this became tradition in remembering where the Kings and their entourage came bearing gifts to the child Jesus.

As they brought gifts, the Kings did not run out to the Dollar Tree to buy a cheap remembrance for the new king. They did not realize at the last moment a gift was expected and send their servants out to secure a gift. They planned for the gift. They left at the time they saw the star and continued their travel until they came to where Jesus and family were living. It could have taken them up to a couple of years to reach him.
When they arrived they brought him gifts (Matthew 2:11) of gold, frankincense and myrrh. As I meditated on this I was struck by the first gift mentioned in the verse – gold! They came prepared to bring him the best, which provoked more thinking.
What was I willing to give him?

He wants my heart and life – yes, I have already given him that.

Really? Have I given him all of my life – all of the parts of my daily life? I don’t think so. I reserve some of those areas for me. Areas I like to reserve are:

Attitudes – I have a right to my attitude you know! – Right?

Anxieties – I have a right to worry and be anxious about my kids, my parents, the work situation, finances and the list goes on. Right?

Ethics – ok so ethics are good for Sunday but really I need to change how I live the rest of the week? No one else is living that way so why should I? Right?

Free time – It belongs to me. I don’t have to share it with God do I? I can do what I want. Right?

Entertainment – I am so tired and I need to have my entertainment to chill out and de-stress. So what if all of the jokes and situations do not honor God. It reflects the way life is and I am ok to fill my life and mind with those things.

Money – Our church took up a special offering at Christmas and I put in a gift. I was encouraged to give what equaled my most expensive gift. Now that is not bad but in a family who does not give expensive gifts it means I did not feel the pressure to give Christ more. I participated and that was enough. Right?

Wrong! What does gold look like when it is given as a gift. Pure gold is pure, costly, valuable, and stands the test of time. Keeping hold of any one of the items from the list above is sin and sin does not allow my gift to him to be pure and I tend to keep a hold of more than one at a time.

So did I forget a gift? Did I forget to search my heart and give him the area that causes him sadness? Did I confess my sin to him, receive his forgiveness and cleansing. Do I want to change my life with his guidance and help to give him the gift he yearns for? Or is it better to say I forgot to give him a gift and he will have to wait until next year!

So how about it? Did you forget a gift?

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