Bob and Mina Twitchell


Bob and Mina say, “Our mission is not complicated. We want to show people who Jesus is by following His example. He places to love in our heart for others and it is up to us to exercise it. About 9 years ago we were unexpectedly called as missionaries on the Colville Indian Reservation. It was unexpected due to past problems when often white people do not spend much time there. John 4:4 tells us how Jesus was “under a bond “ to go through Samaria where Jews normally avoided going. Jesus showed us the reality that there is really only one “Race” – the Human Race, and the one He came to redeem to Heaven — all people — this is the essence of John 3:16.”

It is not rare for Pastor Bob and Mina to show up anywhere on the reservation, however, we spend most of our time around Nespelem, the Reservation Agency area, and most populated village. They have held Bible studies at the Tribal Convalescent Center for elders and a large variety of fun activities for the kids. One summer they drove 160 miles round trip every weekday for 3 weeks to serve as tutors for the school. God led us to develop the first Bible Camp at Lost Lake, specifically for Tribal kids- Camp NXASTAN- the “Camp of All the Good Ways” in native Salish. They were honored to host winter Family Movie Nights at the Nespelem Community Center where parents and kids came together for a meal, movie and inspirational fellowship. They provided the volunteers to build a stage and brought Christian concerts to the people. They have been involved in every aspect of the culture because all people need Christian friends. Building friendships for Jesus is our joy and calling. They also serve as mentors and hosts for a growing number of other Christians who join us in ministry with these precious souls in Christ’s name.