Graduation Day!

Nespelem CemetaryLast Sunday at the Nespelem Convalescent Center, WA, a Tribal saint graduated to glory.

As missionaries, Bob and Mina Twitchell, approached the center staff came outside to greet them, saying “Thank God you’re here now!”

“**** is close to passing and the family is here. Will you come pray with them?” **** was 95 years old and Tribal. She had 13 siblings, Mother and Father all of whom have gone on before her.

Bob and Mina met with family and they each took one of **** hands. They prayed aloud praising God for His mercy in sending Jesus to assure eternity to her. She sat in on Bible studies held at the Center and was always so happy to pray with them. She was a very sweet lady. Bob spoke of how Jesus was standing to receive her home and that it was okay to go, to be with her Lord and loved ones who had trusted Him too. As we praised God’s goodness and said Amen, her lips formed the word “Amen!” and then she was immediately with Her Savior FOREVER. The staff were so touched, telling Bob and Mina they had expected her to go sooner but it seemed she was waiting for something. Very Emotional!

The family is from the coast and asked if Bob would officiate at the graveside service Saturday morning in a little cemetery down a gravel path in Nespelem. It will likely be snowing heavily.

Pray the message of the Gospel will be clear and the family will believe though separation is painful, the promise of reunion is sure through the grace of Jesus.

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