What would happen to our lives if we believed this to be true? What would happen to our churches if the people inside actually saw themselves as God does? Can you imagine if we not only believed this message but shared it with our communities?

Seeing ourselves as God see us- loved, cherished and wanted is a common theme in our ministry. From the women we work with at the Pregnancy Help Center, to the sexually victimized, to the elderly living in the nursing home, to the teen struggling with suicide and depression. We need to understand that God so values and so cherishes us that He sent Jesus to redeem us. This is the message that offers hope to a lost and dying world.

This fall Rachel took the Ignite Youth Group through a study on Identity. She is also meeting with teen girls weekly taking them through a study called, A Daughter’s Worth by Ava Sturgeon.

Our Identity isn’t found in what we do or what we’ve done- but in who God says we are. Pray for us as we share this vital message with the people here in Grant County.

We will be taking a group to teens to this exciting youth conference this coming Saturday. Dare2Share is an amazing time of learning how to share the Gospel of Jesus with others.

Please be praying that many teens will come to understand the Gospel as well as be able to share it with others!

Rachel got to Emcee the Pregnancy Help Center’s banquet last week. We shared “Our Community- Our Stories.” The room was decorated by 49 different empty frames. Each empty frame was a representation of a story never told. 49 babies were aborted in Grant County in 2017. An increase of 14 from the year previous. Rachel is honored to be involved in such a crucial ministry as part of the Board of Directors and through the Post-Abortive ministry of our Pregnancy Help Center.

Please pray that God would send the moms of these 49 babies through our doors so we might minister to them in the aftermath of their abortion decision.



Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer


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October 8, 2018 By: Posted in: Missionary News